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Travel Arrangements

Marty travels from The Sunshine Coast, Qld. He flies economy in OZ & NZ (and believes anyone who claims NZ needs business is taking the mickey – it’s closer than Perth!) But further than that he flies business class.

AV Requirements

– Marty uses a lapel or headset microphone and brings his own ‘clicker’

– It’s vital you tell the AV people that he runs an Apple Mac laptop from the lectern out front – he DOES NOT put his presentation on the ‘main’ computer up the back – because he often changes things around on the fly to emphasise points the crowd finds valuable, funny or both.

– He needs a regular 3.5mm sound lead, and either a VGA or HDMI cable. (He carries both adapters/dongles, just in case.)


Marty's Speaking Intro

"Our next speaker is a resilience expert who has spoken to over 1,000 inspirational people about how to live well through the good times and the bad. Today he will pass on the secrets of their success – showing us how we can keep our peace of mind and stay productive no matter what work and life throws at us.

He is a Pharmacist turned bestselling author of 16 books who believes true success in business, and happiness in life, comes only when we explore the fertile territory out of our comfort zones.

Today he’s going to tell us:
How a hundred year old institution taught him to laugh at change
What is the best music to listen to in an operating theatre
And why we should all try to make more mistakes

Please welcome on stage our guest speaker, Marty Wilson."

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Short Bio

Marty Wilson works with organisations that want resilient people who power through change, stress and disruption. He is a TEDx Speaker and a registered Pharmacist, but he’s also a former Australian Comic of the Year so he balances proven scientific data with laugh out loud stories. This makes his programs incredibly human and instantly relatable to a wide variety of audiences.

Full Bio

Marty Wilson has spent his entire professional life studying resilience, partly because he was a full-time Stand Up Comic for 8 years in the UK (and nobody knows how to bounce back from adversity like an Aussie Comic performing to the Brits!), but also because he is a relentless entrepreneur who has leapt from one successful career to another – he’s a Pharmacist turned Award-Winning Advertising Copywriter turned Stand Up Comic turned Bestselling Author and Speaker. He has spoken to over 500,000 people since he first leapt up on stage in 1997. In his first 12 months Marty won Australian Comic of the Year, appeared on the Footy Show, and was invited to the UK to become a full time Stand Up. He returned home 2008 and now helps people and businesses use humour and levity to lead behaviour change in the areas of health and innovation.

Marty structures his programs on the results of over 1,000 interviews he has done with inspirational and successful people for his 11 and counting books in his bestselling What I Wish I Knew series. From footy coach Wayne Bennett to a Buddhist Nun who works with prisoners on death row in L.A., from Comic Anh Do to a mother of eleven children, from a 911 survivor to chef Maggie Beer. This makes his programs incredibly human and instantly relatable to a wide variety of audiences.


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