The Science of Being Resilient Through Times of Change, Stress and Crisis

KEYNOTE TYPE: Opening or Closing  |  THEMES: Change, Innovation, Resilience, Leadership.

Are your people feeling rudderless and depleted after years of relentless challenge?

Are your teams completely exhausted and desperately needing a boost?

Is your workforce resisting - or even refusing! - some workplace change you know just HAS TO HAPPEN?

Let Marty teach your people that change is a natural and necessary part of life. 

Let’s get your business back to business.

Key Takeaways & Benefits

Your People Still Have to Perform Even When They Feel Depleted

Do your people keep telling you they are exhausted and depleted after the last couple of years - but you KNOW it's time to get back to productivity?

- If someone told you 4 years ago that you’d achieve everything over the last couple of years, you would've thought you were amazing. So let's stop "moping and coping”and use all that newfound resilience and grit to forge ahead and build something EVEN BETTER than before. 

"We didn’t come this far to ONLY come this far"


Resistance to Necessary Change

Are your people fighting change that you know just HAS TO happen?

- The biggest gift you can give yourself over the next 2-5 years, and the biggest competitive advantage for your business, will be building you and your teams’ ability to adapt and work together through RELENTLESS change & upheaval. The biggest risk your business can take is always trying to play it safe. 

“When you refuse to change, you don’t hold onto the past, you just lose the future.”



  • Fear of the Future Leading to Inaction &
    Poor Decision Making

    Is your team too stressed about the "What if's" and continually wanting to revert back to their comfort zones?

    - Being scared actually changes which part of our brain does the thinking and makes us want to revert to ‘what’s always worked before’. This blocks our ability to even listen to ideas that involve remembering new steps and processes.

    "Because we've always done it that way is no reason to keep doing ANYTHING”


    People thinking Too Much Is Being Asked of Them

    Are your people burnt out from the last couple of years, and you keep having to encourage them to stop roll up their sleeves and dive in to the difficult times that are a natural part of business?

    - If you can’t avoid something or change something, sometimes you have GOT to work out a way to change your mindset and embrace it.

    "If you can't get out of it , then you gotta get into it."



The Science of Being Ready for WHATEVER Tomorrow Brings

KEYNOTE TYPE: Opening or Closing  |  THEMES: Embracing AI & New Technology, Accepting Challenge, Motivation.

To embrace AI, ChatGPT and ANY innovation your people need to be:  

  •  FUTURESAFE - The science behind why we resist anything new and different, and the psychologically proven ways we can overcome them to grow our comfort zone. Marty explores why our brains naturally evolved to avoid anything new.
  •   Make your future a vision to be proud of, not a condition to be scared of
  •  FUTURESOUND -  Humans aren’t scared of change, we’re scared of uncertainty. Who still has a Nokia 3220 or an old fashioned tube TV? So the key to conquering fear of innovation and future technologies is to move towards them and understand. 
  •   Want to fear less? You got to learn more.

  •  FUTURESKILLED -  The crucial final step is to teach your people, your clients and your whole business to learn how to combine innovation into your daily workflow. 
  •   Innovation can’t just be inserted, it has to be integrated


A Former Australian Comic of the Year Is the Complete Solution for Your Event

Marty was a full time stand up in the UK for 8 years, sharing the stage with Michael McIntyre, Jimmy Carr, Jim Jeffries, Jo Brand, Russell Howard, Kitty Flanagan, Anh Do, Adam Hills, Julia Morris and many more. 
Why Marty is so different to any other MC's:
  • When you book an MC, you want to know they have can handle any situation. Marty was a full time Aussie comedy club MC working in London at the time Australia lost the Ashes and the Rugby World Cup, so he can handle ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING and keep your event moving along.
  • Marty has spoken to over 1,000,000 people since he first leapt up on stage in 1997.
  • In his first 12 months doing stand up, Marty won Australian Comic of the Year competition, appeared on the Footy Show, and was invited to the UK to become a full time Stand Up.
  • There he headlined all the major clubs - sharing the stage with Jim Jeffries, Michael McIntyre, Jimmy Carr, Adam Hills, Julia Morris and many more.
  • His MC style and energy is contagious and his clients just love him, as one senior executive said: “Marty just gives off this amazing approachability that works for scientists and truck drivers. As soon as he opens his mouth you just want to ask him home for a barbie.”
  • If you need a relentlessly calm, quick off the mark, fast on his feet, humorous, great to work with MC – Marty Wilson is the perfect choice for your event.


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