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“There are two types of speakers: those who have well-researched, actionable content that has a lasting impact on your people, and those who are incredibly motivating & entertaining. With Marty Wilson you get both. He inspired everyone at our event with some deeply challenging, well thought through strategies for how to stay resilient in the face of relentless change, and he had us in stitches for an hour. I’d strongly recommend Marty for any conference where you want to educate, motivate and give your people a great time.”

Michael Ryan, Vice President, Retail & B2B, American Express

“In today’s fast paced world where the only constant is change, every organisation needs some time with Marty Wilson. He has a mountain of deeply thoughtful, thoroughly researched content that will help your people lose their fear of change. While he is totally hilarious, humour is just one of the many tools he uses to teach new ways of thinking and feeling about being out of your comfort zone.
Marty has that unique ability to combine meaningful insights with a delivery style that challenges individuals thinking and at the same time have the room in stitches of laughter. A rare gift. I thoroughly recommend Marty to any corporate event where you are looking for fun and well researched meaning behind what you do for a living

Greg Dalton, Head of Global Services, 
Westpac Banking Corporation

“In today’s frantic business landscape where accepting change is the ‘price of admission’ to having a successful business, your people need to meet Marty Wilson. His tips on leading people through times of change, innovation and disruption with lightness and humanity really hit the mark with my team. He marries powerful scientific research with deeply human stories so your people enjoy every minute of his presentation. I’d recommend Marty as the perfect addition to any corporate event.

Frank Ganis, Executive Director, 
Macquarie Bank

If your employees are fighting change that you KNOW has to happen, get them to listen to Marty Wilson. Some speakers show you how to structure change in your business, others teach you how to systematise it, but Marty Wilson is the only speaker I’ve seen who can actually get your people to accept it and even embrace it.

Joseph Law, Director of Business Development,
Asia Pacific Stock Exchange

“While Marty Wilson is a seriously funny guy, he is also a truly dynamic and thought provoking speaker. His content is thoroughly researched and built upon sharing through the lives of many, which really sets him apart from all other speakers.

John Paul Pullicino, Head of Marketing,
Pfizer Japan

“The thing that sets Marty Wilson apart from other speakers is that humour is his message as well as his method. As you’d expect from a former Australian Comic of the Year, his keynotes are incredibly engaging and funny, but the humour isn’t just “sugar to help the medicine go down”, it IS the medicine. Marty opens up your mind to the value of staying light, and leading with laughter. This makes your interactions with people more human, more authentic, and more effective.

Chris Akayan, Group General Manager,
Human Resources, Mirvac

“Marty has the ability to make a the dry topic of change management engaging and fun. He is an excellent facilitator and we all left the session on a high and with a new set of tools to help us lead change through the use of storytelling and humour.

Peter Dunphy, Executive Director,
SafeWork NSW

“I’ve seen a lot of innovation and change management speakers in my time, but the thing I loved about Marty Wilson’s approach is by making it very personal it becomes totally universal. Marty speaks about our fear of change in a very human way, which makes his programs just as appropriate for leadership groups as they are for your entire employee group.

Anthony Pagano, National Manager,
Vero Insurance, Part of the Suncorp Group

“Marty has the ability to make a the dry topic of change management engaging and fun. He is an excellent facilitator and we all left the session on a high and with a new set of tools to help us lead change through the use of storytelling and humour.

Peter Dunphy, Executive Director,
SafeWork NSW

“Marty is the funniest speaker I’ve seen in a long time, but he’s much more than that. He is both thought provoking and inspirational, with well researched content delivered a relatable, human way. If your team needs an energy shot to cope with the relentless pace of business these days, they need a dose of Marty Wilson.

Daniel Parsons, Vice President Acquisition ANZ,
American Express

“Marty Wilson spoke to my team recently and I really enjoyed his approach and style. While other speakers often approach change as a dry, abstract process, Marty teaches from a uniquely empathetic, deeply personal angle and was able to relate very well to our work environment.

Jane Kittel, General Manager, Customer Experience,
Westpac Bank

“Marty Wilson gave one of the main plenaries at our annual conference, a prestigious keynote called the ‘Alan Russell Oration’, whose purpose was to point out the opportunities emerging due to the continual transformation of the healthcare sector. Marty delivered on this and gave us much, much more. His keynote resonated with the whole conference and I had delegates coming up to me over the entire event saying how he perfectly summed up what is needed from us in healthcare, and in all business.
Marty delivers an inspiring wake up call to your people, but because his content is delivered wrapped up in so much humour, the audience gets a good shake up but has a great time getting it. They think they’re being entertained, but at the same time you can see some of Marty’s messages having impact on their attitudes. It’s fiendishly clever and a barrel load of fun. I’d recommend Marty Wilson to any business event wanting to know how to stay resilient and motivated in the ever changing world that is modern business.

Dr. Lance Emerson, Chief Executive Officer,
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

“I’d recommend Marty Wilson as an awesome MC for any event. He is calm, professional, incredibly easy to work with and instantly bonds with the crowd. He’s also flexible and happy to take on any challenge – at our event he actually compared two rooms at once, with the second staggered 15 minutes behind, and you could tell he loved he loved it. You can see all those years working as a comic in the UK as soon as he’s up on stage.
Where he gets his energy from I don’t know, but he has a sixth sense for knowing how to transfer it to the crowd and keep your conference bubbling along. When you add to that his ability to do one of his own keynotes, that slot in anywhere on your program, he is also incredible value for money.

Louise Chamberlain, Director of Marketing,
Kao/Goldwells Australia

“Finance is one sector where being resilient in the face of constant change is an absolute necessity. Regulation, interest rates, disruptive new business models, housing market trends, the influence of new technologies, etc etc – the only thing you can truly count on is that tomorrow won’t be like today. That’s why I’d recommend Marty Wilson to anyone in banking or finance. He approaches our inbuilt fear of “new” in a uniquely personal, practical way and gets your people to start the process of change and even embracing and looking forward to it.
On top of that Marty is always open to tailoring his presentation around your objectives, he’s incredibly easy to work with and is just a really good guy. I’d recommend his programs to anyone putting a conference together.

Andrew Russell, General Manager,
Mortgage Choice

“If you are leading a team of people who are fearful, defensive, even a bit resentful about some change initiative that just has to happen, get Marty Wilson to speak at your next event.
It was incredible to watch how the emotion of the room changed as they watched him poke fun at the natural human tendency to be wary of change. As people laughed along with him and each other, you could feel all the tension drain from the room, and by the end of the day he had them all back thinking like a team again. And this effect has lasted long after our conference finished.
I have to admit we had to stretch to reach his fee, but now that I’ve seen him in action he’s worth five times what he charges.

Jason Power, Strategic Change Leadership,
Department of Family and Community Services, NSW

“I had the pleasure of enjoying Marty Wilson at a recent conference for our Industry Association, the RCSA. There were many international speakers at the conference but Marty was a stand out. He commanded the audience immediately with his engaging style, humour, and humility.
Marty’s ability to combine his experiences and business knowledge delivered in a unique and entertaining style captured the attention of the entire room for the entire time. He gave us some incredibly practical tools we can use in our businesses immediately, but he does it with such warmth, humour and deep humanity that everyone goes along for the ride and thinks they are just having fun, but they are all learning a lot.
His 15 years of experience are obvious from the moment he walks up on stage and embraces the crowd with a big, infectious grin.
If you’re looking for someone to lift the energy of your conference to whole different level, get Marty Wilson. If you want your event to be spoken about long after the delegates have gone home, get Marty Wilson, simply fabulous!

Robert von Stokrom, President,
Recruitment & Consulting Services Association

“I am pleased to recommend Marty Wilson as a speaker. He spoke to a group of over 300 people at my event and would got fantastic feedback.
Marty is funny, engaging and delivers a powerful message about how to build resilience in your team.

David Malcolm, General Manager,
Credit Risk, Westpac Banking Corporation

“There is one thing I am more convinced about every day: the need for everyone in the Insurance Industry to embrace the constantly accelerating pace of change.
On top of the technological innovations and disruptive business models that all companies have to deal with these days, Insurance is also at the mercy of the shifting sands of regulatory bodies. It’s no wonder so many of our members feel exhausted by it all.
That’s why we were delighted to have Marty Wilson speak at our annual NSW Gala Lunch on 10 July 2015. I particularly enjoyed Marty’s approach to change management, because he started with how we all feel about it. He explained that systems and processes have to be implemented by human beings with hearts and minds, doubts and fears.
Importantly, Marty uses well-researched case studies and scientific data, but he also illustrates all his content with deeply personal stories and hilarious anecdotes to make sure even the most ardent cynic gets on board. And they did.
I’d recommend Marty to any industry or organisation facing significant change, particularly those in the Insurance and Finance Sector.

Dallas Booth, Chief Executive Officer,
National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia

“Engaging, empowering and funny. Marty’s story is full of passion, energy and insights into him that force you to look deep within yourself.
If education, inspiration and motivation are what you need, Marty is your complete solution!

Andrew Mikhail, Director, Client Management,
American Express

“The light hearted yet thoughtful approach was the highlight of the conference. We are delighted with the extremely positive feedback we have had.

Debra Cerasa, CEO,
Royal College of Nurses

“As someone who works in Career Management, I know how many people feel bludgeoned by the relentless pace of change in business today. That’s why I think every organisation needs some time with Marty Wilson.
He quickly gets the audience to laugh out loud at our fear of change, then ends up having us accept it and even enthusiastically embrace it. If you’re people are fighting what you know has to happen, get Marty Wilson.

Rob Moore, Director,
Xpress Recruitment, UK

“Marty combines thoroughly researched, scientifically proven content with an empathetic, human approach to his subject. And he wraps it up in a hilarious presentation style that keeps even the most hardened cynic engaged.

Warren Bingham,
Chairman, CEO at MedTech International

“Marty kept the entire evening moving along with his humour, while maintaining the focus on the fund raising purpose of the function. He read the night well, kept everyone engaged and he made an important contribution to the success of the evening.

Max Gosling, CEO,
Cure Cancer

“Marty is like that favourite teacher we all had at school – he teaches you deeply valuable lessons but makes it fun at the same time.
A session with Marty leaves a crowd inspired to live fearlessly, communicate more openly, and take themselves – and life – more lightly. Forget teaspoons, Marty gives the audience two or three heaped tablespoons of sugar to help the medicine go down.

Siimon Reynolds, CEO,
The Fortune Institute

“Marty weaves well researched content into personal stories that are very, very funny. He had our audience accepting that constant change is an unshakeable fact of life while laughing out loud for an hour. Perfect.

Timothy J Evans, National Franchise Manager,
Priceline Pharmacy

“While Marty is one of the most entertaining speakers I have ever seen. His message was also meaningful and thought provoking. I would recommend Marty to any organisation.

Sue Crawford, General Manager,
Crombie Lockwood Insurance, NZ

“Marty is an effective and entertaining speaker who engages every audience with humour and authenticity. He did a great job in bringing patient stories to our sales force and empowering them with the ability to do the same in their roles.

Carol Manio, Group Brand Manager – Men’s Health,
Eli Lilly Australia

“If you want a great conference speaker – Marty’s your man! He combines a deep knowledge of his topics with the effortless stage presence that only comes through years and years of time up in front of a crowd.
As far as high level speakers go – Marty is refreshingly humble, a pleasure to work with and always focused on YOUR objective.”

Rob Fisher, Director of Innovation, 
Indigo Training, UK

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