Marty is a former Australian Comic of the Year, who was a full time headlining stand up in the UK for 8 years, sharing the stage with Michael McIntyre, Jimmy Carr, Jim Jeffries, Jo Brand, Russell Howard, Kitty Flanagan, Anh Do, Adam Hills, Julia Morris and many more. 
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“Marty Wilson is the funniest serious guy I know. He makes me laugh but also challenges me to think. Marty gives every crowd deep insights, a big dose of heart and an even bigger serve of laughter. I love this guy to bits and give him my full recommendation.”

Comic & Happiest Refugee, Anh Do

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“He inspired everyone at our event with deeply challenging, actionable strategies for staying resilient in the face of relentless change, and he had us in stitches for an hour.”

Michael Ryan, Vice President, Merchant Services, American Express

Marty's Hilarious Motivational Keynotes

Change Without Fear

The Science of Staying Motivated Through Relentless Change

- Resistance to Necessary Change
Are your people fighting change that you know just HAS TO happen?
- The biggest gift you can give yourself over the next 2-5 years, and the biggest competitive advantage for your business, will be building you and your teams’ ability to adapt and work together through RELENTLESS change & upheaval. The biggest risk your business can take is always trying to play it safe.
“When you refuse to change, you don’t hold onto the past, you just lose the future.”

Fear of the Future Leading to Inaction & Poor Decision Making
Is your team too stressed about the "What if's" and continually wanting to revert back to their comfort zones?
- Being scared actually changes which part of our brain does the thinking and makes us want to revert to ‘what’s always worked before’. This blocks our ability to even listen to ideas that involve remembering new steps and processes.
"Because we've always done it that way is no reason to keep doing ANYTHING”

People Thinking Too Much Is Being Asked of Them
Are your people burnt out from the last couple of years, and you keep having to encourage them to stop roll up their sleeves and dive in to the difficult times that are a natural part of business?
- If you can’t avoid something or change something, sometimes you have GOT to work out a way to change your mindset and embrace it.
"If you can't get out of it , then you gotta get into it."

Leaders Struggling to Lead Themselves and Their Teams
Does your senior team keep reverting back to dictatorial "command and control" leadership instead of
inspiring and enrolling your people?
- Marty reveals the rigorous scientific research which prove that ‘staying light’ and keeping your sense of
humour is absolutely essential for leading people through times of high stress. He backs this up with case
studies from the British Army and Hospital ER departments.
“Lighten up and Lead.”

Deliberate Evolution

Beyond Resilience Into Reboot, Relaunch and Renew 

- Your People Still Have to Perform Even When They Feel Depleted
Do your people keep telling you they are exhausted and depleted after the last couple of years - but you
KNOW it's time to get back to productivity?
- If someone told you 4 years ago that you’d achieve everything over the last couple of years, you would've
thought you were amazing. So let's stop "moping and coping”and use all that newfound resilience and grit to forge ahead and build something EVEN BETTER than before.
"We didn’t come this far to ONLY come this far"

Collaboration At An All Time Low
Do your senior team struggle under the burden of having so many people continually looking to them over the last 3-4 years, and now feel they they have to ALWAYS have ALL the all the answers?
- People support what they help create, so leaders need to lower your defences, get humble, ask for THEIR input.
"No one has ALL the answers, but we’ve all got a few”

After the Last Couple of Years, Teamwork Feels “All Too Hard”
Do your people say they want to achieve big goals, but want to somehow do this without all the constant
heartache and endless hassles?
- Business, relationships, life is all about solving problems. Your clients pay you to solve their problems. That’s
what work and business is!
"You’re only problem is you think you shouldn’t have problems”

Risk Averse Mindset in Staff and Leadership

Does your team happily set big audacious goals, then keep retreating back to their comfort zones?
- If you want huge success you have to risk failure - relentlessly taking the hits and getting back off the canvas
again and again will always bring progress.
"You wanna reach the stars you’re gonna get some scars"


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